The primary function of Stable Precision Engineering Ltd. is Milling, but we also offer the following services;

Sheet Metalwork & Fabrication
Procurement of Castings and Extrusions
Kanban or JIT deliveries
All Metal Treatments, including Plating, Anodizing, Painting, Hardening etc., where applicable.

Scale of work is from prototype & development, through to full production.
All jobs are assigned an individual works order number for traceability, and raw material is purchased specifically for each job. We have bonded store areas for unallocated material. Each job is inspected at every stage, and only released for despatch after a final inspection. We currently use LICOM ALPHA CAM for off line machine programming, and provide our Customers with design assistance where required.
ASSEMBLY WORK. We can either assemble from free issue parts or source proprietary items to assemble with in-house machined work to provide a finished item. Please see Plant for current equipment lists.

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